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Investing in the future of technology


We’re dedicated to helping government agencies solve complex problems through innovation and insights. RIVA’s Innovation Solutions Center (ISC) is a cross-functional team that brings together a range of perspectives and deep expertise to develop innovative solutions for clients in the Federal IT landscape. Our ISC, embodies the “I” in RIVA, providing tailored solutions that drive positive change for our clients.

The ISC serves as a think tank space where employees at RIVA HQ and in the field collaborate to create prototypes, drive product development, and tailor solutions that help clients save money, reduce implementation risk, and adapt to changing environments. In addition, the ISC produces groundbreaking research that helps government officials understand trends, overcome constraints, and expand the limits of what is possible. Through social media, blogs, and immersive workshops, the ISC engages with public officials on a journey of positive transformation.

If you’re looking for a collaborative environment where you can unleash your creativity, develop innovative solutions, and transform your agency, the ISC is the right place where you can begin.


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Unleash your creativity, develop innovative solutions, and transform your career.